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New Zealand Loyal

NZLoyal Bumper Stickers

NZLoyal Bumper Stickers

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Printed on promo grade vinyl. 
All vinyls are bubble free type films so easy to apply. Apply only to DRY, clean surface.

Due to demand, designs will be allotted by availability from now on. 

Available sizes:

- Standard bumper sticker 280mm x 75mm

- Big bumper sticker 560mm x 150mm

Please Note: No political party is permitted to have promotional material publicly viewable or visible as of October 14, 2023, Election Day, especially within range of voting stations. Please respect the rules on that day and leave your car with stickers at home, if travelling to vote.   

Shipping lead time is 10-14 business days. We will be improving this shortly. 

*Please note that we only ship these products within New Zealand.

*All Designs are subject to change in line with new policy releases. 

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