The Gunn Club [Gun Rights]

Liz Gunn - August 10, 2023

NZ Loyal's Liz Gunn delivers the party's policy position on 'Gun Rights'

This announcement is called the Gunn Club and I'll explain that in a moment, but first a little bit of housekeeping this week.


New Zealand Loyal is now in the final stages with the Electoral Commission of Registration.


As well as that, we are going to be consistently from now on dropping our policy statements on Thursdays and Sundays. So keep an eye on your New Zealand loyal website which is People are still having some trouble sharing. We know there's severe censorship on some platforms like TikTok simply for telling the truths that New Zealanders want but we persist and we ask you to go to and then please privately share as many of those messages as you can in emails. If you can share to twenty and ask those twenty to each share to twenty we will be able to bypass the draconian government censorship. Why don't they want the people to be able to talk to the people in what is meant to be a free and fair election? We've had many obstacles to overcome, but that just tells me that we're on the right track. We are the real party, a real party, a real option for the people of New Zealand, and it appears that the government's sensors do not want that to go out to the people. So please, play your part by sharing the messages. And as well as that, I will be starting to announce the New Zealand Loyal candidates. I've shoulder-tapped many of them this week and it's starting to have a real buzz. That will be from next Thursday. That will be something to look forward to. We have some interesting, more than interesting, very genuine, inspiring, very real and absolutely loyal New Zealand men and women standing up as New Zealand Loyal candidates.


But on with today's message. The policy statement today, as I said, is called the Gun Club. You know, we often speak about the globalists and their influence in our political structure. Every aware Kiwi now connects the dots, the rollout of the same globalist narrative around the world, the same globalist agenda’s in other suffering countries like Canada, and the same oppressive censorship in every country, but especially, we've noticed here in New Zealand, across the Tasman in Australia and, as I said, in Canada, three of the five eyes countries which are being ruthlessly targeted, bullied and manipulated by the globalists. Sadly, politics is not the only sector of our society where these parasitic and insatiably greedy globalists, nefariously stalk good and trusting Kiwis. Do you recall the seemingly knee-jerk reaction less than a week after the March 15, 2019 Christchurch incident, which has been referred to and made popular by a government and media narrative known as the Christchurch massacre. Just after that, we all witnessed a blatant and very rushed law change. What would normally have taken months, sometimes years, to properly draft legislation to
present to Parliament and go through the various stages, including the Select Committee process and the formal Public Consultation, instead of all that, it was instead pushed on us with rapid fire timing in the form of the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Regulations 2019, which came into effect in New Zealand on June 20th 2019. Such huge legislative change taken from start to full completion in just three months. Does that sound at all questionable to you? I mean, on the face of it, you'd think, of course, we need to rid society of these evil weapons because of such a heinous occurrence as Christchurch. But over time, as with so many other labour-rapid actions, Kiwis have repeatedly asked me, sometimes in lowered voices or encrypted emails, "Was it random or was it planned?”


And I now also openly ask, could there have been a long-term plan to remove guns from as many as possible out of the hands of our balanced and responsible Kiwi gun owners, from our hunters to our precious and bullied farmers, and on to our recreational and sports shooters? But which world organisation would support a plan to take guns off responsible gun owners and then encourage our politicians to enforce such
corrupt tyrannical ideology? Which organisation aspires to see all nations removing the people's right to possess and own firearms of the type that could, if need be, be used to mount a resistance to an invading army or a rogue government or even criminals on a crime spree. Well there is one such organisation and it's called the United Nations. If you research the United Nations so-called sustainable development plans you will find what was termed a decade of action formulated prior to 2020. Let's take a look at an excerpt from that.


“Today, progress is being made in many places, but overall, action to meet the goals is not yet advancing at the speed or scale required.”


This is what they write.


2020 needs to usher in a decade of ambitious action to deliver the goals by 2030. The decade of action calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world's biggest challenges, ranging from poverty and gender, to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap.


In September 2019, the UN Secretary General called on all sectors of society to mobilise for a decade of action on three levels. Global action to secure greater leadership, more resources and smarter solutions for the sustainable development goals. action embedding the needed transitions in the policies, budgets, institutions and regulatory frameworks of governments, cities and local authorities. And people action, including by youth, civil society, the media, the private sector, unions, academia and other stakeholders to generate an unstoppable movement pushing for the required transformations.


You see, essentially, this sort of language is simply the United Nations creating the narrative backed by sustained propaganda, along with their willingness to resort to forced implementation of that narrative on the people of the world. And I want you to remember that this is all without offering the basic human dignity or respect of consultation with the people to see if we even want these policies.


Let's think about the UN Secretariat and bureaucracy for a moment. They churn out these agendas to be imposed via corrupt puppet politicians on us, the People. Yet, they are completely politically unaccountable to the people of New Zealand, or indeed to the people of any other country in the world. And I
remind you of this key fact. The New Zealand government was never given a mandate by the New Zealand people to agree to these broad and far-reaching United Nations goals. These goals are never discussed with us at election time. You won't hear Luxon or Seymour telling us what they have planned in terms of implementing such United Nations goals any more than the Greens or Labour have disclosed those plans to us in the last six sorry years. They just sign up to covert agreements and then they force them on us.


In my view, none of the 120 politicians currently in Parliament should be allowed in to govern us again. Why? Because they got into power based on other agendas and promises. And then, once in power, in Janus-faced fashion, they turned their backs on Kiwis in favour of kowtowing to the shadowy, supranational figures who give them their marching orders for the following three years.


Let's take the government initiative known as the Gun Buy Back Scheme. People were asked to hand in firearms, including certain gun parts that the government suddenly declared illegal. And yes, there's that legal terminology again, which we will deal with in a future Loyal policy announcement. This Gun Buy Back
Scheme was sold to Kiwis a great way to remove deadly firearms from society so they would no longer pose a risk to anyone. Of course, the good and trusting Kiwis who still believed this government to be acting in our interests then followed the dictates and even handed in collectors antique guns along with their current models. Meanwhile, the criminal elements in New Zealand simply ignored the call to give up all guns.


So we have to ask ourselves, does that make any sense to you that normal Kiwis of sound mind and responsible character are now prohibited from possessing or at least find it very difficult to own firearms? Is there a reason other than the usual “for your safety” rubbish that is bandied about by manipulative or tyrannical governments? If you're alert, you'll notice that the "for your safety" government line always comes just before they make yet another move to manipulate you into relinquishing your free choices and your independence. When we go along with each new lie, it always leads to you handing yet more control over your life to the untrustworthy central government.


And let's not be naive. Gun crime has steadily risen since the increased government gun controls. With almost daily shootings, gun crime here is now so blatant that even PR-groomed government spin doctors can no longer conceal the failure of the gun labour policies. We at New Zealand Loyal will unwind their non-sense policies. I want to build a nationwide “Gunn Club” to defend your rights to be a responsible gun owner. Under a Loyal government, the people will have the absolute right to exercise self-defence. No government should ever be able to dictate to you the ways in which you can choose to protect yourself, your
family and your property. A government should not dictate how you lawfully and responsibly do that or with what instruments. So this Loyal Gunn Club will give responsible Kiwis the full authority to rearm themselves if they so choose. You will not be restricted as to the type of small arms weapons you may possess or own. You will not be required to be licensed either, as that is yet another form of centralised control that's open to abuse by a rogue government or their corrupt police force, should they have one. Instead a certificate of competency will be issued, confirming that you have a satisfactory level, yet to be defined, of weapons knowledge as well as weapons handling skills. We will have open discussions with mature gun owners and nationwide offshoot Gunn Clubs about what responsible gun ownership involves and looks like.


I believe it's time we as a people are treated as adults and not as idiot children who are willing to allow a corrupt government body to direct our lives and our choices. I'm one of millions of Kiwis who want the government overreach and interference in my life to stop. Prior to what I now call the “Covid fear
games”, we Kiwis were never stupid or gullible as a people. Our practical, grounded, Kiwi approach to questioning the government is now finally returning in all corners of New Zealand. are also becoming fully aware of the bigger and much darker game afoot. We at New Zealand Loyal are now calling out this United Nations version of the Hunger Games.


And you will now be fully aware that we are not a party which skirts around the edges, unlike the legacy politicians, most of whom show little to no real courage in order that they can simply garner votes through empty words in an election year. And on that note, where have all the current political parties, represented in Parliament, where have they been all this time, when your rights have been on the line and often trampled and freely-traded among the gobbling globalists? The New Zealand Loyal Gunn Club will ensure that your right to self-defence and your right to keep and bear arms will be enshrined in law so they shall never again be infringed. When a government becomes so rogue that it functions not on behalf of the people but at the behest of foreign powers, then we, the people, have the absolute right to abolish and to dismiss it.


And to those who say, "Ah, this is conspiracy talk, I say this." A conspiracy theorist is a compliment for someone with crucial thinking, critical thinking, ability. And I would also add this, beware, research. Look to history to teach you. Maybe take counsel from the English philosopher John Locke and from one of America's wisest founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. What I'm saying in this policy statement is in full alignment with our political history and our wider philosophical foundations as a member country of our Western society. It is past time to tell the ignorant woke globalists to go back to school and this time to learn what actually matters.


Look up and understand the Hegelian dialectic recipe of problem-reaction-solution. This is a broad cabal tactic used across widely disparate issues. And here's how it works. You see, they secretly create the problems such as a financial crisis, a terrorist group like ISIS, even false flags like 9/11 or climate
change, a hoax. Then they get their puppets in the media to engineer the necessary fear response. Then they pretend to react with a rapidly developed but somehow also incredibly detailed solution. I mean just think of the gun legislation here or even the Patriot Act in the US rolled out at high speed because it was all ready to go after 9/11. Do you see how that works? Do you get the feeling we're all being played, repeatedly?


Given the government's track record of causing harm to the people of this country, are you really comfortable with them now holding all the guns.


We Loyal Kiwis, we certainly are not happy about that clear and dangerous imbalance of power.


New Zealand, this is your land, this is your country and this is your life. This will be our Gunn Club. New Zealand Loyal is our party, it's your party and always hold to this, we are a party that is Loyal to you and not
to the globalists who would so willingly strip you of your God-given rights and freedoms. We are always and forever Loyal to you and not to them.