The Economy

Liz Gunn - August 13, 2023

So where do we begin with the economy of this country? The poor, old, limping New Zealand economy. Well, when one steps back and looks at the economic overview, there are really five economic arteries that should never be severed from the heart of any country's economy.

And those five arteries are:

  1. Finances.
  2. Communication.
  3. Energy.
  4. Water.
  5. Transportation.

Without these, our economy will fail and it will never recover. Despite the promises of politicians who pushed the privatisation agenda telling us of course that in doing so we would experience greater efficiency and lower costs through competition. Despite all of that, nothing of the sort has ever been delivered for the people. It was a con. It was a lie. And to all intents and purposes it was potentially a treasonous act.


Compromised and corrupt successive governments have sold our assets. Assets that have been built up over time by the New Zealand people and that belonged to the New Zealand people. Assets built up by our fathers and our grandfathers through their hard work.


And we all now have to ask, for what? Why have they been sold over these decades? And has it helped us? And most of all, will it serve our children? All those asset sales? You see, the economy of any nation
should rightfully serve the people. You can tell whether this is in fact happening by the practical day to day well-being of the people. And not by how much the economy conforms to some ridiculous dictates of abstract macroeconomic theories and models put forth by academic economists who've been cossetted away in universities rather than creating their economic theories in the cut and thrust of the real world.


And these academics, well, they often have divided loyalties. The question to ask is, are they loyal to Kiwis? Or have they been seduced also by the globalist ideology theories that have so seduced our politicians? Or have they been seduced by financial incentives from globalist organizations? Those are crucial questions to ask of any scientist or any economist now.


New Zealand Loyal instead wants full spectrum economic dominance. We will nationalise those assets which are of vital strategic importance to our national security. There is an argument that runs thus. The argument goes the government cannot run business. Therefore, it's better to hand our assets over to the private sector. That argument is ridiculous. All we ever needed to do as a country was to appoint intelligent, ethical
individuals and pay them a fair salary, not a ludicrously bulging salary, overpaying them as this happened so much since the 80s, pay them a fair salary and then have them run those vital assets on your behalf, on behalf of the people.


The notion that de-industrialisation, which involves sending our industry and services offshore, the notion that this will somehow see cheaper imports and Kiwis moving up the employment food chain is also yet another con, another lie.


Who can take solace in cheaper trinkets from China when you lose your job through off-shoring of the very industries that kept you employed? In case any of you have missed it, all those higher up the food chain jobs have not materialized. Evidence of this can be seen in the flight of New Zealand's best and brightest, who've been abandoning our shores for decades as the economy has slowly and deliberately been ransacked and cannibalized until, well, until it's now almost run into the ground under labour greens.


New Zealand Loyal acknowledges the general principle of the comparative advantages of nations. What does that mean? It means that some nations have things to trade that others lack, whether because
of the skill base of differing populations or the natural resource assets of different countries. In other words, there is a role for international trade. However, New Zealand Loyal strongly resists taking this concept to the extremes that we've witnessed over the last decades where New Zealanders have been told repeatedly, they're not to do much of anything anymore because everything can be done better overseas. If everything, almost everything, is made abroad, then our low-budget trinket stores will indeed thrive, but our people and our communities will die. And indeed, they are already dying.


New Zealand Loyal's position and first allegiance is to a principle of economic self-sufficiency for our nation, not to the principle of comparative advantage or to the idolising of lowest marginal cost.


As the once prosperous Germans, and in fact, Northern Europeans in general, well know and understand, when people thrive financially and economically because they're sustained by robust and meaningful
work across many and diverse sectors, they don't mind paying a little more for their consumer goods. New Zealand Loyal will stimulate the re-industrialization of our economy in New Zealand. We will support the

insourcing of many of those service sectors that have gone offshore. And we won't shy away from breaking the prevailing economic norms to bring this full spectrum economic dominance back. This will mean in turn that there will be a plethora of employment opportunities for high school graduates who are currently completing their basic secondary education.


When you really sit back and look at the systematic and controlled demolition of our country, And then you realise that this blueprint is also being enacted worldwide against other countries, it does not
take a genius to understand that the collapsing of our once thriving New Zealand economy is by design. The next question becomes, are there really human beings who would be so unethical, so unhinged, that they would design an economic collapse? And the very sad answer is yes, there are. And the further answer is
yes, it's also a part of the darker Agenda 2030 plan to completely control every aspect of your lives.


We at New Zealand Loyal intend to scuttle their plan to break our country, to break our economy, to break us, and then introduce their Agenda 2030. We may not be able to save the world, but we can damn well save New Zealand. And who knows, in doing so, New Zealand may well become a beacon of hope to other living men and women around the globe.


So let's start with the management of New Zealand's finances.


Under this heading, which was number one in the list at the beginning of this policy announcement, under the heading of finances we will nationalise the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. We will place it under the control of our Treasury. Despite you being told it belongs to New Zealand, in fact, it does not. If it did, why would the New Zealand Government bank with the Australian-owned Westpac Bank? No, the Reserve Bank, like the Federal Reserve in the United States and almost all central banks around the world, is ultimately privately owned. All of these central banks are controlled by the very same people.


As far as our country is concerned, this is going to change.


Currently, money is created out of thin air by banks and loaned to us at interest. The same pattern applies to the New Zealand government who use you, the people, as collateral for the loans that they take out. This is where your income tax component goes. It simply pays the interest on those loans. As a result, due to the mathematical impossibility of our ever being able to repay those loans, our government is really in its own version of enslavement to those world moneylenders. As a result, our government is instructed as to what they must do to satisfy the loan guarantees. Privatisation was one such dictate. The International Bank of Settlements, the BIS, has an overarching position on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, as does the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. There is a battle with the global bankers that must be won if we, or any country wishing to be truly sovereign, are to find freedom from the usury and control mechanisms that have created slaves of humanity and this is a fight for which New Zealand Loyal is willingly geared up.


Despite the so-called expert economists advising governments on economic strategies, it appears they have all forgotten how to count. So let's offer these economic theorists some simple, common sense education that the people of New Zealand will easily understand.


You cannot extract from an economy more than you put in. So let's imagine that you lend $1 billion into an economy. Adding interest charges to that loan, you expect to extract $1 billion and $50 million. So already you have a net deficit and a default. This occurs each time a loan is made, so that the debt accumulates until eventually we, the People, lose everything we once owned through what are really irresponsible and, frankly, fraudulent practices. I'll address this in more detail when we unveil our monetary and taxation solution next week.


Under a New Zealand Loyal government, insider trading shall also be stamped out. So too will the revolving door of government and private sector nepotism that sees government employees moving into the private sector after they have ensured, while still working for the government, that certain advantages will go to that private business that is about to employ them. The same goes for those private sector players taking up government jobs, but then acting in the interests of the companies from which they have just departed. All of this is unethical and it's corrupt. It must stop.


Let's now turn to point two in the list at the beginning of this policy: Communication.


We at New Zealand Loyal will nationalise our communications across this country. Every home will have a landline, as we all did in days past. The recent natural disasters such as the terrible floods in Hawkes Bay have taught us one thing beyond any doubt. Once communications are lost, bedlam ensues. I was in Hawkes Bay just over a month ago and the locals told me repeatedly that what they wanted in those terrible floods was two things: One was a copper landline and the second was a diesel truck, both of which would have worked with all the waters flowing everywhere, to keep them able to connect with others in their community.


New Zealand really should be a leader in the quality of life of our people, and effective and reliable communication is crucial to that quality of life. We must not allow politicians any more to turn us into a third rate carcass of a country, to be picked over by the globalist vultures. So we will rebuild our communications infrastructure and that infrastructure will serve and benefit you, the People. Your choices of course shall remain. Under New Zealand Loyal, you will have the choice of continuing with your current providers or you can choose the provider owned by us, the people, which will have been set up to benefit and to genuinely serve you.


What about point three in the list above: Energy? Well, we shall equally nationalise our energy grid and our means of production. Marsden Point shall be reinstated and another refinery shall be built in the South Island. New Zealand has an abundance of oil and gas. The Great Southern Basin alone would provide our country's energy needs for centuries to come. I mean, we are a country virtually swimming on oil reserves. And to all those touting the climate change hoax, please just give it a rest. Start to get your information from sources other than those who wish to trick and mislead you, as they did in the earlier hoax, in order to create more enormous transfers of wealth from the many, including the bruised and almost broken middle class here in New Zealand, to the few whose globalist gluttony drives them onwards in their seemingly endless
lust to consume the world. Unless we stop them, in this election, in this little country, which canbe the valiant, brave little David to their lumbering, greedy Goliath.


Wind farms, solar panels and batteries, as well as electric cars, they're all a hazard to the environment. Isn't that a paradox? Think how they're being sold to us now. I mean, let's just look at electric car batteries. They use slave labour to mine the rare earth minerals and cause absolute destruction of the local environments where they are mined. And the inability to recycle those components of the so-called environmental solutions creates yet another version of environmental hazard. It's just another con, it's another lie. And I would say it's a tool of manipulation used at the moment by the globalist parasites to defraud you of your wealth. A Loyal government will not tolerate opportunists using faulty science or scaremongering to elicit an emotional mindset of fear among the people. We have seen how daily fear mongering from unethical government officials can reduce once sensible Kiwis and put them in a sort of fearful, childlike state in which with that much pressure it's possible for any of us to become willing to give up our common sense, our resources, even our control over our country or over our lives. So you are on notice, globalists, that psyops are a no-go in a Loyally protected New Zealand.


Now let's talk water. Point number four in the list above. We at New Zealand Loyal shall nationalise our water. Why is that so important? Think about it. Water is an essential component. It sustains all life. And water belongs to no one individual or group or organisation. Water belongs to all of us. Our water resources shall be used for all and they shall be poison free. The deeply distrusted poison called fluoride shall be banned under our Loyal governance. And furthermore, we'll need a nationwide upgrade of all essential services. That will be undertaken. Kiwis once built this nation to a world-class standard. Together, we shall do that again. And this time round, we shall keep it. We the People.


Here's a thorny issue, the key daily issue of transportation. Under a Loyal government, our transport infrastructure shall be nationalised, reliable and effective transport will be created. And this dovetails with our energy requirements. The so-called ‘Green Agenda’ will be abandoned. And an investigation will take place into three areas. Those people who pushed and are currently pushing that nonsensical agenda. Secondly, the corrupt practices that are encouraged to ensure this agenda is implemented. And
thirdly, we will look into just who has benefited by selling this country out to the ‘Green Agenda’.


There shall be no zero requirements to diminish and limit the choices of Kiwis in terms of transportation. If you wish to drive your own vehicle, you will have safe, reliable roads on which to do so, and you'll also find it remarkably cheaper to drive your petrol car. If you choose public transport, that too shall be safe, reliable, cost effective and highly affordable. There are many options that we as a country and as sensible people can discuss together to decide how we wish to look after our Mother Earth. Personally I think that the Agenda 2030 way will be shown up as among the very worst and silliest of ideas once we have open discussion with all engaged Kiwis about honest and about ethical environmental policies.


The corruption must end. It serves none of us. If you think you get away with it, ripping off a fellow Kiwi, youget away with nothing. You have a black mark on you. There is a moral arc to this universe, it may be long but it always bends towards justice. So we need to start treating each other with the very ethics with which we want to be treated. And that's why a dedicated, Loyal, anti-corruption team will be established to investigate past and present untoward practices by politicians, state actors, lobbyists, private organisations and individuals. And this shall include offshore-directed parties as well. On that note, all international agreements which have been entered into by corrupt governments who failed to truly consult with us, with the people of New Zealand, before signing up, and agreements that do not actually benefit Kiwis, those agreements shall be scrapped. This country shall set its own monetary and taxation policies and move away from the debilitating debt-based fiat currency system.


The current system has very deep built-in floors that guarantee large transfers of your wealth into the hands of globalists. There's no other way to put it. We shall announce solutions to those flaws in next week's policy deep dives. And as I said earlier, they will be out on Thursdays and Sundays of each week from now until the 14th of October, Election Day [day before].


To all of you who are passionate about rolling up your sleeves, and I'm now getting thousands of messages saying, "How can we help? We're ready to deliver leaflets, we're ready to put up the billboards.Tell us what we need and we will be activating you over the coming weeks. You get it. This is us helping each other. This is Kiwis in it together. No one's here to save you. We are saving one another through our loyal New Zealand policies and our hard work. We know that what we are saying is in direct opposition to the globalist agenda. And we look forward to delivering on what we have stated to you in every one of these policy statements. But to do this, we need you.