Become a Member of NZLoyal

To sign up as a member of NZLoyal,
please pay your $20 membership fee via this form.
This is an annual membership to NZLoyal

If you would prefer to pay via internet banking:
New Zealand Loyal - 03-0252-0392354-006

Please put your full email and, if possible,
your full name or phone number as the reference.

NZLoyal is legally required to keep an accurate record of all its Members and the donations they make to NZLoyal.
These details are kept strictly confidential, with certain exceptions, and they are only used to meet the requirements of the Electoral Act of New Zealand.
Should you need more information on the donor policy of NZLoyal, please contact NZLoyal via this link.

Any and all New Zealand citizens or legally registered New Zealand voter, company or organisation may donate
any amount up to a total of $5,000.00 per calendar year (to NZLoyal) without having their details disclosed publicly.
Once you cross the threshold of NZD$5,000.00 (total donations) per calendar year,
NZLoyal is required under the New Zealand Electoral Act to publicly declare the donation information.

Any and all donations to NZLoyal are not tax deductible

Refund are provided at the discretion of NZLoyal