Environment Policy

Environment Policy

Liz Gunn delivers the party's environment policy. Recorded right before the election, this is now our first post-election policy announcement as we build to 2026.

We are listening. We're listening to Kiwis throughout this country, and what has struck me in all of these meetings, is that I've been lucky enough to interact with real Kiwis who care so much about the freedom of this country. 

What also struck me is the deep intelligence here and the ideas that will flourish when we have an uncensored environment in which people can share the horrors you've all been through, the truths you want to tell and the wonderful imaginings you might have for a New Zealand that we can birth together following this (next) election. 

But it's going to take the army of all of us to talk to everybody now in these last few days, five people a day at least. And here's the conversation. It's less than 10 seconds. 

“Hey, do you want to go on paying 50% tax or would you like a party that offers you 1% tax? If you would, look up nzloyal.org.nz.” And you can walk away.
Do that five times a day across New Zealand. It'll be amazing the difference you'll make, even now. 

Today's policy statement, though, is focusing on the environment. And it's important that we talk about the environment in which we all live. It sustains life. It provides in abundance all that we as a people require in order to survive and flourish.

Modern society has witnessed a substantial growth around environmental concerns. Over decades we have been really bombarded with narratives that often are proven to be wrong. The latest of course has been the alarmist climate change narrative. Formerly it was global warming, until the real science did not support that theory either. 

So let me begin today by stating quite clearly that NZ Loyal believes the climate change narrative to be a hoax. It's being pushed hard. It's a hoax that is being pushed hard. It's a fraud. It's based on fake science. The agenda underlying that alarmist diatribe should concern all of us. 

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is said to be 0.04%. Now just think about that for a minute. 0.04%. That's not even 1%. It's not even half of 1%. And yet carbon dioxide is made out to be the most dangerous element responsible for climate change. It's said to be a pollutant, where in fact the opposite is true. It is an essential part of our ecosystem. 

Without carbon dioxide, our food chain deteriorates and with it life on earth goes. And that will lead to our demise. 

In fact it's been stated that if these 0.04% was to get down to 0.02% then we, as a species, are indeed in perilous danger. So that begs one question that must be asked. Why the extreme focus on what is an easily disproven hysteria? What drives this agenda-driven propaganda? And here's the key. Who stands to benefit from the control mechanisms that inherently attach themselves to this? 

Yep, the usual forces are at play here. Distractions that point in one direction to prevent your attention from focusing where it ought to be - in the opposite direction. 

So let's explore some real environmental issues that contribute to the adverse health and dis-ease of people, the real issues that should be the focus, as opposed to the nonsensical fear-based rhetoric. And let's look at what we at New Zealand Loyal intends to do about all of it. 

First off, let's stop the cabal's deliberate poisoning of our environment via the water! That includes fluoride, industrial waste and other contaminants like 1080. There will be NO more fluoride in our water under a New Zealand Loyal governance. 

And then the poisoning via the food, and here I'm thinking of glyphosate although any changes to glyphosate rules will be done in conjunction with, in consultation with, our farmers and will be managed so that other options come in for our farmers to use. It won't be mandated, and cruel and sudden, as this government and many past governments have been to our farmers. 

And also in our food, other chemicals sprayed on GMO foods which are a terrible idea being pushed by the National Party and possibly supported by ACT. It’s not a good idea for New Zealand, genetically modified food. 

And then there's the poisoning in the air, radiation from all of our devices and the towers that have exploded across our urban and suburban landscapes like some kind of poisonous mushrooms on a forest floor after a rain. And, as well as that, we have aerial contaminants that end up all over everything. Some have been called conspiracy theorists for daring to suggest governments experiment on their populations and in turn add yet more environmental pollutants, leading to harm. 

Governments and private entities have long carried out experiments upon their populations. One example, and there are many, comes from St. Louis and the headline here reads, The army sprayed St. Louis with toxic aerosol during a just revealed 1950s test. This test saw deaths and a surge in various cancers. 

Yes, they believed it to be a good idea to undertake biological weapons testing upon their own population! 

Secondly, we say in the hoax of the climate crisis, which like masking, like lockdowns, is not a cure, or remedy for any real problem. Instead, it's just a mechanism of control and ultimately of tyranny. 

Two points on that. 

First, there's a very good amount of robust scientific dissent from the mainstream United Nations climate crisis narrative.

However, you, the people, do not learn of these dissenting voices because, well, because of the rampant censorship system, which is now in place across academic institutions and outlets across our media, and of course throughout our government. 

These articles in ZeroHedge are worth your time to read. They further demonstrate the dissent among the scientific community.

The truth is, if the public was made aware of this dissent, much of the current hysteria would evaporate. You now know why this is being kept from you. 

Some, perhaps many, of the so-called extreme weather patterns cited by scientists as evidence of climate change, are the product of weather weaponry like HAARP, SCALAR, DEW, which stands for Directed Energy Weapons, cloud seeding and much more. This technology has existed since at least the 1970s. It can produce hurricanes, droughts, fires, tornadoes, torrential rains. In the case of SCALAR technology, I believe Nikola Tesla invented that as far back as 1904. 

So let's examine the logic of the climate fear-mongering alarmists. They, being the globalist cabal, want you to purchase electric vehicles for which they want to build solar and wind farms to supply the energy required to charge those electric vehicles, while at the same time they're wanting to block out the sun to cool down the earth. Solar energy when you're blocking out the sun? You can read more about this on the Popular Mechanics website

Two things are at play here. One, they admit the sun is what plays a role in the earth's environmental cycle, just as it has done of course since day dot. Hence why they want to block it out. And secondly, they want you to believe that their form of alternative energy is best for the planet and for you. So what about the recycling of lithium batteries or of windmill blades or the many other components? A fact always conveniently left out of the equation. 

You see, ‘Going Green’ creates what is now known as green waste. And that green waste is highly toxic to the environment when retired at the end of its life. But it also causes major environmental damage in its initial creation, through massive mining operations of rare earth minerals in various countries which then are often left with the mess to clean up after the multinational corporations have raped the landscape. And that's not even beginning to discuss or mention the near - slave-labour of small children to accomplish the mining. 

I mean, is it possible or even probable that when the eco-fascists spout their nonsense of net carbon zero societies, they are in fact speaking code for net human zero societies? That is to say, code for their often stated goal of human depopulation? 

What I'm saying here is, does net zero really mean ‘net you and your children’? And is it possible, even probable, that green energy is being advanced so zealously because the cabal sees in it a means to divert humanity into forms of energy that are inefficient, insufficient and environmentally destructive, but that grant that cabal yet further means to control and exploit the world's citizenry?

Everyone should be asking these questions and not resting until all the facts and every last bit of evidence lies on the table.

I personally believe that a candid review of those facts and that supposed evidence will raise serious concerns about the genuineness, about the integrity, about the believability of the UN driven, NGO-dotted, ‘environmental’ agenda. 

So let's turn now to something positive: to our New Zealand Loyal environmental aspirations.

It goes without saying that we all, you and I, want to live in a land that has clean air, clean water and clean soil. But contrary to the views of the control freaks at the UN, maintaining all aspects of our natural heritage in a clean state is not in fact rocket science. New technologies, as well as long suppressed technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla, for example, should help place our country on an environmentally sustainable foundation. 

I'm confident that human ingenuity can also find ways to remove the distressing amount of plastic that defiles our oceans around New Zealand. 

But we at New Zealand Loyal are adamant that pro-human remedies and scientific breakthroughs will come not via top-down control agendas and mandates, but from the exercise of freedom, unfettered speech and robust - and not managed - scientific debate: real science. 

Here's the bottom line. In the view of New Zealand Loyalists, we as a society first need to remove the poisons and toxins in our midst. We need to marginalise the deceptive distractions. And then we must let people enjoy their freedoms and watch them (watch you) innovate, to tackle the relatively few REAL problems that remain. 

And as we said about taking these steps, we should bear in mind that this beautiful earth is our heritage, that she loves us and that we, as a species, love her. And that we are resolved to care for her in a way that honours ourselves, as well as our Mother Earth. 

Because in the end, we must smile and acknowledge that we are beautiful beings. We are not the problem. We never were the problem. And we should never hesitate to enjoy the fruits and the bounty of this beautiful planet and this blessed country in which we, as Kiwis, are born. 

Stay with New Zealand Loyal. 

Stand next to and beside our Loyalty to you, and never to that cabal; never to them.