Policy Position On Abortion

Liz Gunn - 21 July 2023

Liz Gunn outlines New Zealand Loyal's position on abortion.

I'm Liz Gunn and this is a New Zealand Loyal policy deep dive. New Zealand Loyal is a party being built by the people and it's a party to give power back to the people.


In my recent policy overview of July the 10th, several positions taken by New Zealand Loyal and by myself were not specifically covered. These weren't oversights on our part. The reason they weren't mentioned at the time is because each of these required really to be addressed individually. And one of these is our position on abortion.


Too often parties will give you their list of positions on various issues and then you, the voter, decide what opposition best reflects your views, if you can fit your views into the parties. But I believe there is a flaw in that thinking. It removes the most vital component required in any legislative framing. And that component is the input of you, the people. Let me state clearly, the current abortion law in this country is pure evil. Abortion up to nine months. There is no other way to describe that other than evil. That will be repealed at the first opportunity by New Zealand Loyal. And instead we'll reverse that law to a point where it's much more in favour of the unborn child.


No abortion law will be perfect. Each side in this debate believes in their reasons for taking the position they do. We at New Zealand Loyal believe in the sanctity of life. And we also wonder how many New Zealanders are aware that Jacinda Ardern passed into law the right to kill babies at full term at nine months.


Yesterday I was sent something from America, an account of a full term abortion. It was nothing short of horrific. The baby was crowning and the doctor put an injection into the back of that baby's neck. and further there was a claim that the baby's organs would be taken and used. I need to know more about that if there are nurses in our New Zealand hospitals or doctors who are equally horrified and who would like to talk to me about that. Why did Jacinda pass that into our legal framework in New Zealand with barely a whisper of consultation with what the people of New Zealand want? Why do so many New Zealanders remain unaware that that is currently absolved under New Zealand law?


For us at New Zealand Loyal, there is absolutely no justification for late term abortion. Anything over three months is infanticide, and neither can we accept abortion being used as a belated form of contraception. Really only in extreme situations where the mother's life may be in jeopardy or a medical examination
is deemed the child, if carried to term, will have no quality of life should abortion be contemplated.


Abortions, you see, have gone from an out for women who genuinely made an error and wanted to remedy that error of an unwanted pregnancy, no later than three months. They've gone from that to an actively promoted activity that has led to some women being used as organ and tissue factories and tools of depopulation. This isn't just about abortion. It goes much, much deeper than that. It's about how and why we arrived at such a place where we see the extinguishing of so many unrealized lives every single year. No matter which way you slice it, abortion is a very polarizing issue where we seem to debate the black and the white of the subject. How often do we discuss the grey area, the area of prevention? And how do we prevent women from being placed in the difficult position of even contemplating abortion?


Instead of sex education being all about the mechanics of reproduction, we must illustrate the realities of creating a new life, intentionally or otherwise. It's not to be trifled with, and nor is it to be treated with reckless abandon.


Life is a gift. It should not be extinguished on a whim. We need to teach our young women about the responsibilities of creating a new life. Sleep deprivation, possibly postnatal depression, even the possibility of having to raise that child alone, and with all the hardships that can come with that. And perhaps teach them also that not all future partners accept somebody else's child. We've seen examples of horrific child abuse and even the murder of children at the hands of partners who were not the biological parent of those children. We can't look away from that ugly truth.


We must also teach our young men that sex shouldn't be viewed as a quick fix to a hormonal urge, that there are real emotions involved, that they are the role models of future generations, and the example that future generations will follow, that there are indeed consequences for all the decisions, every decision we
each make.


Not too many speak of the things I'm outlining here, but I believe these are the very points that must be considered. The war currently being waged against our children is intense and it's on many fronts. A deliberate decoupling of the family has been underway for some time and it's state-sponsored with the aid of organizations that have a vested interest in the destruction of a strong family unit. We mustn't allow our children to be pawns in this game. We must protect our children from state-sponsored murder at all costs.


None of this happened overnight, and it won't be solved overnight either. We judge quickly, we understand slowly, and often we act irrationally. As with so many problems we face as a society, we must go back to secure our future. As parents, we must recognize that we're failing our children. We've allowed the state and other entities to replace us. We've allowed ideologies to creep in and poison our society. And as many people are saying now, as a result, our society has gone to hell or is on the way there.


We at New Zealand Loyal stand for the sanctity of life and we'll do everything we can to ensure we preserve it.