Liz Gunn - September 10, 2023

Welcome to this New Zealand Loyal Sunday policy statement. This is a big one. It's on health. I'm Liz Gunn. And because it's so big, I'm going to cut straight to the chase and not muck around, cut to what is really important for you to think about when it comes to the New Zealand health system we have had, and the New Zealand health system we can have, under a group of honourable Kiwis who really deeply care about your health, and who will stand up if ever a con is tried on that front again.

There has been a deliberate and targeted campaign by certain entities with an interest in the destruction of your health. And you may think, “Well, that's hyperbole, that's too exaggerated.” I can assure you it's not. Do you honestly believe that anyone truly interested in your health and wellbeing would create what is a long-term illness maintenance system rather than a health system?

I'm going to address this tonight in two parts. In part one, we'll look at a general sort of assessment of New Zealand's health care system overall. And in part two, an assessment of the ‘mini-holocaust’ that was the
various planks of the New Zealand government's covid pandemic response.

So to part one. Those currently in charge deny that our population is being calculatedly poisoned in a variety of ways, of course they do, but there are myriad examples of this poisoning. Let's look at fluoride in our water. How about 1080 in our environment? What about the National Party idea of genetically modified organisms, GMOs, and the glyphosates that go with the plants that are so heavily sprayed when they are genetically modified? A very stupid, very ill-advised, and frankly dangerous idea from National.

And then there's the big pharmaceutical medicines, which for the most part treat symptoms rather
than any causes, and in doing so, often cause new problems that necessitate additional medicines. On top of that, there are vaccines. And I'm not just talking about the covid kill shots, but vaccines in general. Believe you me, that autism issue is not going to go away and it deserves proper investigation and listening to the parents across New Zealand of autistic children who have their views that have been ignored for so long.

So, that's only part of what is a long list of poisoning and it's not difficult to see that yes, we are, in fact all
being systematically poisoned. And yet they wonder why we have a health crisis. Medical experts deny this, of course - unbelievable. These experts propose not to cure our medical problems at all, but rather to
manage them via Big Pharma prescriptions.

We all know how this works: You go to your GP where he or she asks you about your symptoms, you describe those symptoms, and then your GP looks up what drug Big Pharma recommends for treating or suppressing those symptoms. You're often in and out with five or eight minutes, and you pay a fee and you
get the drugs.

Our doctors have, in fact, just become Big Pharma marketing agents. They're not allowed to practice real medicine. And it gets worse. The people in charge of the doctors, those who design the Big Pharma, Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex, suppress effective cures and treatments - and they've done this for decades. Have a look, if you want to know more, at this small excerpt from a very important interview with Dr. Bruce Dooley about the Federation of State Medical Boards in Texas in America. Many, many doctors around the world had no idea, until we put this out over a year ago, that their medical councils, their medical boards in different countries were all being run by this group in Texas, the FSMB.

I have never met a doctor when I bring up the Federation of State Medical Boards, who knows what I'm talking about. Who is this Federation? What, how they've been around for a hundred some years and I don't know anything about them as a physician. Was shocking. It was, to me, what I witnessed was beyond beyond anything I thought that could ever be. I think we're talking about the medical councils of the world have been captured by the Federation. We should not be allowing a private corporation to be influencing medical councils like this. If we stand by and we let the Medical Council of New Zealand incorporate this into their policies and procedures, that that will be the final gag on anything that a doctor says counter to the mainstream narrative. Doctors were saying we want to be free to practice what we want without being attacked by our medical boards. One of the reasons that I'm here and I'm stepping out now is because we're getting to a point where doctors are not allowed to talk unless they talk about the mainstream narrative. This is called misinformation and disinformation. This is really concerning me because now it's coming apparently to New Zealand and we have to stop it.

And Vioxx, that story is unbelievable. Merck that makes Vioxx, who actually makes most of your childhood vaccines, was busted in court, had to pay out over $3 billion in damages for having murdered over 50,000 American citizens. And what did we discover in that court case? That they knew that their drug caused heart attacks. And when we looked at the emails that were being transferred between the people working at Merck, we found out that they had a memo that says, “Any doctor that questions the safety of Vioxx, we will hunt them down and destroy them where they live.”

It's worth looking at that, and at the other Dr. Bruce Dooley interview about how health and wellbeing really could be in this country.

Well, what could this look like?

It could include all the beautiful alternative, so-called alternative ideas that really should be the mainstream ones with the drugs from Big Pharma being the alternative, if there is no other option. And there are many other options from the thousand-year-old tradition of acupuncture and our Chinese-New Zealand brothers and sisters who often understand that deeply having inherited it through their lineage. Or Ayurvedic medicine through our Indian-Kiwi brothers and sisters. And then there's osteopathy, which is used by the Royal family along with homeopathy. There are many beautiful natural herbalists which go back centuries. And their wisdom can often put the body's balance right where it is diseased, out-of-ease. There are other modalities working on the structure of the body, there are quantum healing ideas that are coming in, there are water therapies, sound and light frequency therapies are coming in. More and more, when people are allowed to be creative, curious, inventive, and seek solutions outside the very rigid square in which our society has been operating.

But no, instead of encouraging this, the powers that be persecute and censor those, like Jim Humble, who miraculously stumbled upon unbelievable cures for serious ailments.

They demonize and proscribe wonder drugs like Ivermectin.

The list goes on and on of those who've been suppressed and punished for their brilliant ideas that could have so helped human health.

No when we step back and look we see they poison us and then they prescribe us poison-light medicines while suppressing the real cures. Ivermectin is the perfect example of that and that is in essence our current so-called health care system. We prefer to call it the ‘illness maintenance system’ that we have allowed to be run in our society.

So let's move to the second part. And take, for example, the entire covid-19 hoax, where basically the figures from the common cold and flu were used as a tool to terrorise you, to convince you that there was a deadly virus on the loose, laying waste to all and sundry. The so-called experts who were trotted out - we all know the one with pink hair and Michael, they were trotted up nightly on the news, backed up by a compliant lapdog media and universal messaging to instil fear. They all kept the con going.

To ensure that sustained propaganda cast as wide a net as possible, the entertainers, the influencers, musicians, sadly, sports stars and social commentators were all inveigled into being trotted out again and again with the same repetitive lines. All speaking with authority and all focused on convincing you to let go of your, what I can only say is your logical brain, and instead succumb to the emotional, fear-based rhetoric of that period.

It was a massive campaign. It was a campaign to push a jab that was not safe, that has been shown since to be highly ineffective. It spread everywhere, illness was everywhere, and one that was in fact not required at all, that jab. It was a level of criminal coercion and it has caused much harm and it continues to cause harm. There are political pundits out there late in the game advising that they will hold covid-19 inquiries and widen the scope of the investigations and even compensate those affected through coercion and force and trickery and deceit. But I ask this, where were those political pundits? Where were they when the plan was first hatched and rolled out?

Some, you may remember, were 100% behind the agenda. But of course now they've read the room and discovered that you, the people, are awake in your thousands and your millions. So only now they change their tactics. By contrast, I, along with many others of you, have been warning about this scam from the very beginning. And to our cost, much abuse has been heaped on us. We called it out for what it was. We called it a con. We stated early on that it's a bioweapon, much to the disgust of many, as I say, those who wanted the lie to fly.

But despite them, we persisted because saving lives, which is what a real health system should be based on, alongside prevention, saving lives was paramount and even more important than the targeting that we received and the bullying and the attempted silencing.

And again, we've been proven to be correct. They know we are correct. So what is happening now?

Well, it seems that all the jab related injuries, and deaths, of which there will be many more to come and sadly in ever increasing numbers, are being conveniently explained away by labelling those as “long covid” or “sudden death syndrome” or ridiculously something climate-related, so many excuses, all of it, yet another con.

With long covid, if you ever meet someone who says, I've had long covid, say, have you had the jab? They will always have had the jab. You will never find somebody who has not had the jabs, who has experienced so-called long covid. It's just not there. Always ask the follow-up questions.

So in terms of this jab scam, we at New Zealand Loyal feel that this country, New Zealand, is now a crime scene in more ways than one. The rot is very deep, and it will take a mammoth and extremely courageous effort to clean it up. But as always, we have a plan.

New Zealand Loyal will not only criminally investigate everyone who was involved in the covid-con, but we shall also track all communications, funding streams, agreements and meetings that have led to this shameful and deliberate attack on all of you, on all of us.

Yes, there will be charges. Yes, there will be prosecutions. Yes, there will be asset stripping from these criminals. And those proceeds will go to the victims of their crimes. The families of those murdered will be compensated. Those who are struggling, unpaid by ACC, with no help at all, unacknowledged, that will be completely turned around. You will be supported, you will be acknowledged, you will be helped. And there shall be a reckoning. The harm caused must be publicly admitted without excuse. Medical options explored and wraparound services for all injured people need to be employed immediately because it's going to get far worse. And what we at New Zealand Loyal feel is we must attempt to mitigate that as soon as possible after the October 2023 election.

As for the New Zealand Medical Council, well, they shall be stripped of any position and influence that they currently hold. They dared to go against the real doctors and nurses who were determined to keep their oath of: first, do no harm. The doctors and nurses of courage and integrity who suffered so much, especially at the hands of our cravenly corrupt mainstream media.

No, this is not a time to forgive and forget. This is a time to severely punish those who participated in this international criminal undertaking. There will be a time for moving on from this once that reckoning has been had. You see, after World War II, there were the Nuremberg trials, and this was followed by something called denazification. Well, we're going to follow that. New Zealand Loyal will revisit this piece of history and use the same tools. As stated, we will hold trials for treason and crimes against humanity. And then we will put in a process, not of denazification, but of de-cabalisation.

It will be like denazification, a whole of society cleansing of all of those who participated in these crimes, as well as those who acquiesced in them. And what do I mean by that?

There are many experts out there and people in public facing positions of authority who like to speak out about public issues and who like to advise the government in the areas of their so-called expertise. Well, that's fine. Any government should welcome the input of people who claim to know things. But here's the real deal. When these so-called experts approach a New Zealand Loyal government before they open their mouths, they will face several questions. And among those questions will be:

  • Where were you during 2020 to 2023 in terms of your stance on covid and on the forced vaccines, the jabs?
  • Did you take a public stance at all or did you stay silent?
  • Did you use your position of trust or authority to support the then government's plandemic response?

If any of those answers to those questions prove supportive of the scam, then the people who give those answers will be turned away at the door. They will not get a foot in. It shall be an automatic disqualifier,
unless they have a very, very good reason for why they did or said nothing in the face of such grave and growing and obvious wrongdoing.

So this is similar to what happened in post-war Germany. Many Germans in positions of authority who quietly went along to get along found out after the war that their careers were finished. And the reason for this is that choices have consequences.

There will be many Kiwis who did not do enough wrong to be prosecuted, but that doesn't mean they will get a free pass by a New Zealand Loyal governance group. There will be no moving on from this tragedy until everyone is held accountable either via direct way of trial and imprisonment for wrongdoing, or the
indirect way of professional ostracism.

Beyond that, I also think we could look at something on television like a truth and reconciliation commission, the sort of thing that happened in South Africa after Mandela was released after nearly 30 years in prison. That was long days of live viewing of people confronting those who had done great wrong during the apartheid era. Well, we went through an apartheid era in the covid-19 response, and to be able to confront somebody like Jacinda Ardern, Kiwi after Kiwi after Kiwi, explaining to her on live television, the terrible price that families paid, that health systems paid, that people's own health paid, the loss of life, the loss of friendships, the loss of homes, the loss of jobs, the loss of any peace, the loss of our society. She can hear that, day after day after day, while we film her face as she listens to the suffering, the stories of
suffering that her actions caused.

And beyond that, anyone receiving knighthoods from these crimes will also see those stripped from them - Ashley Bloomfield, your name will come to mind for many Kiwis. On that note, have you ever noticed that often, knighthoods seem to be given to those who work against you, the people of New Zealand, and even against the country upon instruction from outside entities. That is something to ponder.

Let's look now at further ways that we can sort out this mess. Well, the over bloated bureaucracy that exists within the New Zealand health sector will be removed. Real and hands-on doctors and nurses will be put in charge of health services in a very decentralized environment where community clinics and cottage
hospitals and local suburban healing centers shall return to the provinces and will welcome a legion of treating modalities that give doctors, nurses, and other healers the freedom and the respect to practice their arts and their long years of training for many of them.

The health system in New Zealand shall no longer be a drug pushing enterprise for big pharmaceutical. No, instead we shall make available and hold on an equal footing with big pharma, all alternative health options, everything that could possibly assist the health and wellbeing of you, shall be considered and yes, we will ensure we identify and remove any charlatans who have given over the years alternative health practices a bad name. But we will look at all the practices that help to build your immune system and build back your body's health and make you strong enough not to succumb to illnesses in the environment.

All mandated personnel who lost their jobs in the health system because of the brutality of the Ardern government shall be restored to their positions and compensated. And a structure shall be created so that this situation shall never occur again.

New Zealand Loyal will also make New Zealand a truly safe environment for all of those who have proven cures - to bring those to the people without fear of being cancelled, imprisoned, even killed, let alone ridiculed, and derided in mainstream media.

We again confirm that New Zealand will end its participation and membership in the World Health Organization, run as it is by its primary funder: Bill Gates, and his Gates Foundation. And when we end that membership of WHO, the international dictates that come from it will also end for Kiwis. The people of New Zealand will be empowered to make our own sovereign decisions about what our health requires and our body wants. And a New Zealand Loyal government will have no input into that decision except to make available all means, with the utmost integrity and honour and research and good practice behind them, by which the people, you the people of New Zealand, can access to advance the choices you want to make.

Of course when the medical academia says, as they inevitably will, that there's no empirical evidence showing that X Y or Z alternative remedy, so called, does what it claims to do, we will then politely but very firmly tell them just to be quiet. Just because one of their Big Parma captured and conflicted journals cannot find evidence, it doesn't mean that there is nothing there. We are quite literally sick of being told by grossly conflicted medical academia what apparently works and what doesn't. And let's not forget that it was those medical experts who pushed and promoted and conflated and inflated the “positive effects” of the jabs.

How they lied. How wrong they've been shown to be.

With New Zealand Loyal, you the people are in charge of your bodies, and your family's health. We are simply that vehicle for you to achieve these good, positive, free outcomes.

You choose to make this a reality, not them.

So New Zealand, let's take back all they would take from us, all they have taken from us. Let's take it back as a people. Let's expose all that they have lied about to us. And let's uncover all that they have

This health policy, at its heart, is an expression of the heart of New Zealand Loyal, that we are loyal to you. We are not and will never be loyal to them.

There is one party and it is Loyal to you and not to them.  

So please be with me and be New Zealand Loyal.