Monetary System & Taxation - Part One

Liz Gunn - August 17, 2023

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

That statement came from Lord Acton way back at the beginning of the 1800s and it still applies today and it especially applies in New Zealand coming up to this general election 2023. I'm Liz Gunn and I am here standing with you and we are helping each other to win our country back from the globalists in this election and to win it back through a party that is Loyal to you from its name and through every policy. This though is possibly our bravest policy and we have put out a lot of brave policy statements which you can see on Please familiarise yourself with all of them. But this one is a key. Last Sunday we put out New Zealand Loyal's economic policy position and with much appreciation from many people for the honesty which is our key note. Honesty to you. We're not offering pretty words and empty reassurances. We are offering solid policies that you can rely on and hours and hours of hard work and a determination to deliver on these policies when you vote New Zealand Loyal in to Government.


But a key driver or inhibitor of economic growth in this country is New Zealand's monetary system. The second one is taxation. So I will deal with this in two parts. The taxation component will be announced on Sunday, the 19th of August, and it's no exaggeration to say it shall significantly change your lives. That's the Sunday one on how taxation in this country can be changed to free you from this ghastly government overreach. But today, it's the monetary system. And although you might think, "Oh, that sounds a bit dry," stay with us until the end of this relatively short broadcast on what is a complex system, but one that is made really understandable here. I'm going to take you into it in a way that you can follow. And remember one of my key adages is ‘the truth shall set us all free’. The truth is what we need to learn. And when you understand how the system works, you will then be able to really get yourself and your family freed from it.


New Zealand's monetary system is a fiat debt-based currency and there are many opinions as to the role the Reserve Bank of New Zealand plays in all of this. As always you have the official role and then you have the less well-known role. The Reserve Bank is said to be an agency which stands between the banks operating in New Zealand and the government. It oversees the banking system and can influence bank interest rates, the amount of currency that people spend, and it can have a big influence on inflation in our economy.
Before the bank was set up or established in 1934, the banks each issued their own currency. The Reserve Bank is said to be wholly owned by the New Zealand Government, yet the Government is also known as the Crown, and there are several descriptions of the Crown, which I shall allude to shortly. It's important here though to note that the New Zealand Government also operates under assumed parliamentary sovereignty. What does that phrase mean? It basically means ultimate power and control does not reside in you, in us, the people. No, it resides, rather, in Parliament itself.


The Reserve Bank operates autonomously, and although it reports to a minister of the government or Crown, as it were, it is largely self-governing. Some people state that ultimately the Reserve Bank is privately owned and controlled. Others maintain this cannot be true because the government owns it 100%. It is, I'm sorry to tell you, a long, a convoluted and a sordid history, how the true nature of the Crown is concealed from the public via blurry and ambiguous titles, names and manifestations which give rise to deliberate misassumptions by us, by the public, misassumptions on which we base our lives, and most importantly, misassumptions that are never then corrected by our voted-in parliamentarians. They don't tell us what is going on behind the scenes. Not surprisingly, the allegedly governmental nature of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand may be one of those deliberately engineered fictions.


An example of the private ownership and control of a central bank can be found in the research of G. Edward Griffin in his book, the creature from Jekyll Island, which I recommend you buy and read and study. Even if a central bank’s frontmen are appointed by politicians and the bank's legal creation is facilitated by statute, this still has no bearing on the ultimate ownership and control of that bank. Just sit with that for a moment. Let this soak in. It's important everybody understands what is going on. That same story is likely with the creation of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the RBNZ, and that these so-called national banks are all middle banking management for a much larger and centralised system, overseen and master controlled by the Bank of International Settlements, the BIS in Switzerland. Here's a key. That BIS answers to no one, not even to Swiss national authorities.


Let's pull back now and look at what New Zealand Loyal will do for us, the people. New Zealand Loyal will bring monetary policy within the remit of the Ministry of Finance here in New Zealand, where it can be truly popularly controlled and by popular I mean by the people. I would say to those who immediately cry, such a move will lead to the politicization of monetary policy. I say this, monetary policy is highly politicized as it currently exists, in the sense that the reserve bankers answer to a master. It's just that the master is not us, the people of New Zealand, but the same old murky and unaccountable overseas crowd that seems to plague New Zealand in so many areas that we at New Zealand Loyal are studying and putting out and informing you about.


There's nothing wrong with politicisation if what we mean by it is popular control of monetary policy, popular, the People controlling it. The People deserve to oversee control the people who set New Zealand's monetary policy. They must answer to us. It's ludicrous to believe in the idea of the alleged technocratic expertise of the allegedly disinterested experts over at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. As mentioned, just because they're not democratically controlled does not make them disinterested. It just makes them unaccountable. As for their expertise in managing New Zealand monetary policy, well, they appear to have very little of it. They have engineered a tremendous debasement of our currency. I can't put it any other way. A tremendous debasement of our currency over many decades. That is why the New Zealand dollar now buys next to nothing of what it bought decades ago. And of course this is and has always been by design.


Let's now take a little example of the many faces of the crown. I want you to understand this so you can see how this has all come about. The UK Crown is a corporate entity known as a constitutional monarchy which exists because of a formal contractual agreement between the UK Parliament and of all things, the Anglican Church. This Crown in Chancery had several corporate interests. Among them was the attack on foreign nations. Corporations were formed for just such ventures, one such being the British East India company which attacked India with the long-term corporate Fabian strategy, a sort of three-pronged trident of force, religion and legislation. This arose from the Crown Plantations Office and that oversaw the plunder of what they referred to as the wastelands. It's incredible, the British saw the plunder of foreign nations as their divine right. They saw us as wastelands. as wastelands. Smash the country, enforce your religion, and then piggyback a legal, let's call it slavery-system in on top of your corporate god. Once ensconced, the legal system hears all arguments against itself until often the victims die of old age, defending themselves in the very courts that have them under attack.


The Crown in Chancery referred to the various offices of the Crown corporate headquarters in Chancery Lane in the City of London. The power behind the Crown is said to be controlled by an elite society, yet another one of them, called this time the Fabian Socialists. Their logo will chill you, and their motto even more so. Their logo is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They know what they're doing. Their creed, "Oh, that I could smash the world and recreate it closer to my heart's desire." And as for their motto, listen to this, "Hammer stoutly, pray devoutly." And when you look at those words, you'll see that "pray" is spelt as P-R-E-Y, "pray on these countries," not P-R-A-Y, "pray to do the right thing."


Well North America was first attacked and claimed as plunder by the British Crown. It was then parceled up by the British Crown under a subordinate corporation known as the Hudson's Bay Company to plunder the resources of the wasteland known as Canada. To our poor Canadian brothers and sisters who are in the same mess that New Zealand is, are you aware that Canada was subsequently attacked in 1867 by another Crown corporation known as the Bar Association. The Bar formed yet another corporation and they called it Canada. Note that the corporate constitution that was adopted to govern the fascist corporation called Canada was issued by the UK Parliament.


The Bar Association governs Canada through the entity they call the Crown, of which Charles is a figurehead. The Crown is a private, legal system franchise, operating under colour and guise of law in our courts. And again I underline it is using our own courts to attack us, the people, the people of the world. Does this Sound familiar? Well, let's bring it home to New Zealand. How about the old New Zealand Company? And of course, who can forget the current Her Majesty, the Queen and Right of New Zealand Company?


Do you see what's been happening here? It's all part and parcel of the Crown. All these corporate entities set up to plunder are supported by their own legislative body to ensure that their endeavours continue and that any meaningful challenge to them is defeated. So now we understand this and you may want to replay that just to take in the darkness and the deviancy of all of that. But let's now go back to the money.


The creation of money need not, and in fact should not, come attached with the creation of any obligation to pay interest. That's a revolutionary thought in our current society. So how did it ever arise that an interest obligation should attend the printing of money? The two have absolutely nothing logically to do with each other, unless of course you're from the Bankster class, looking for an illicit way to keep an entire society indebted and under your thumb.


The calculation of a sound money supply is reasonably straightforward. It's common sense. Our representatives put in circulation that amount of money that can facilitate the amount of economic activity that a country seems capable or desirous of. But they need to be very careful not to print too much which would cause the currency to be debased in the process, the inflationary pressures. No interest obligations need be incurred in the process of making this calculation. To avoid debasement via overprinting, it is usually wise to back each unit of fiat or paper money in some way with things of real world value such as precious metals, gold or other commodities.


The BRICS, B-R-I-C-S, that's Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, joined now by other countries in increasing numbers, look to be about ready to do this very thing as part of their effort to decouple from the printed to infinity US dollar. If and I believe it's a when they announce a new commodity or metals-backed trade settlement currency expected in one to two weeks from this time, I can tell you this, the world will never be the same again. So New Zealand, where do we want to be in this situation?


As an example of printing money without interest attached to facilitate a political community's legitimate needs, we can look to what Lincoln did during the US Civil War. I would remind you that this was long before the creation of the US Federal Reserve. In that situation, the North needed money for its war efforts, so Lincoln ordered the the first US greenbacks to be printed. This was paper money that provided the liquidity or the funding for all the economic activity attendant upon the North's war effort. UK bankers were furious with Lincoln as they had wanted him to borrow the money from them with, of course, interest attached. It's not surprising that some historians believe that Lincoln was later assassinated under order of these same UK bankers. Many people speculate they have much blood on their hands and that will be their dark karma if they continue to behave like that.


The fait accompli of the bankers mismanagement here in New Zealand was their complete collaboration with the criminal elements in parliament in imposing an economic lockdown on New Zealand as part of the Covid pandemic response. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand knew that locking down the economy would necessitate massive money printing to fund the basic needs of businesses and individuals who now could no longer be self-sufficient. They also knew that money printing would lead to the debasement of the currency and onwards to where we are now, the beginnings of hyperinflation so dangerous for a country's survival.


So much I say for expertise in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. They may dress well and talk smoothly and have fancy diplomas, but these people either know very little or, worse still, are corrupt.


The interest component of monetary creation is the unnecessary and immoral creation of an interest obligation on the creation of money that necessitates much of our taxation. You eliminate the interest and you can eliminate a lot of the tax burden, the ever increasing prices due to currency debasement and the need to service that impossible debt and the real wealth transfer from you, the people of New Zealand, to the international banking cartels.


I'm going to leave this with you and I ask you to watch it again, to think about it, to read widely, to ask questions. But in closing, I shall leave you with several more quotes that have warned about the dangers of the international banking cartels.


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

– Henry Ford


“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties
than standing armies.”

– Thomas Jefferson


“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of
their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around these banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

– Thomas Jefferson


“The issuing power of currency shall be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”

– Thomas Jefferson


I would say this in ending. Ask yourself, are you New Zealand Loyal? Are you Loyal to your own country? Or do you back these globalists? Don't listen to those that say it cannot be done. They are the reason that nothing changes. Look around and ask who will pull us out of this morass of corruption, who will pull us out of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation.

There is one party and it is Loyal to you and not to them.  

So please be with me and be New Zealand Loyal.