Private Property Rights

Liz Gunn - August 03, 2023

New Zealanders are experiencing an ever-increasing encroachment on, and the destruction of, what should be, your unalienable rights. With your support, we shall restore your rights and ensure that never again, will they be attacked for any reason whatsoever.
Private property rights are, currently, a thing of the past. Evidence of this exists everywhere you look. An example: the seizure of property for dubious reasons like the SNA’s [Significant Natural Areas]. This theft, and yes, that’s exactly what it is, theft, is predicated in part, on the climate change narrative, hoax.
It takes, often large tracks of land from landowners and designates them as having a natural significance. The land then becomes unusable for any purpose by the now, essentially, previous owner. However, the landowner is still expected to pay rates on the land he or she, no longer has beneficial use off and pay for its upkeep.
People that purchase properties one day, suddenly find out, that the government, without genuine consultation has decided they are taking your house and land for a pet project, and you are forced to sell, in
most cases, at a loss, not to mention the complete upheaval of your lives, and all without recourse.
House and Landowners have become increasingly disempowered through legislation and bylaws preventing them from doing anything from trimming trees, building a structure, making alterations, and even defending their properties against criminals.
We ask ourselves, how the hell did we get here? How did a government that was supposedly elected to represent and serve us, suddenly become the dictator that barks orders at us? This was not by accident. This is by design.
The agenda underlying all these attacks against you, are being driven by the murky and politically unaccountable supranational institutions that many of you are now discovering, are not organisations for good. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum, The World Health Organisation and of course the
shadowy entities that control them all.
The ‘cabal’ wants to suggest that the attachment to private property is selfish. “You shall own nothing and be happy”, where have we heard that before?
Make no mistake, unless you reclaim your power, you are going to lose everything, and if you think that any current wealth status will save you, think again.
Your only hope to stop this Armageddon is to vote yourself back into power, by electing those that will take the common will of you, the people into parliament, and then appoint the uncommon intelligence to facilitate your will. NZ Loyal is the manifestation of the will of the people.
The ability of the state to freely trespass against your person or property shall be extinguished. Unless evidence exists that you have committed a crime and created a victim, no excuse shall be justified to trespass against you.
Should you be subjected to such an action, that is found to be unjustified, then it will not take years and an insurmountable amount of legals fees to remedy that error. No longer will the power of the state be wielded in an offensive way. The state, your servants, shall exist to protect you and ensure your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not impugned.
As disheartening as it is, the current political class do not work for you. They follow a script and are told what to do. Regardless of the electioneering and vote grabbing incentives, how many have ever truly
delivered on those promises?  
It’s a game, they sell you a product they have no intention of delivering, and then violate your trust. It happens every election cycle. You would think we would have learned by now.
The bureaucrats run the show. They decide what passes as legislation and what does not.
Do you honestly believe the current bunch of politicians have the intellectual capacity to conceive, draft and rush through, under urgency all manner of legislation that is in direct violation of what should be your unalienable rights, given the sheer amount of effort to create such? I certainly don’t.
When I stated that we are not interested in just been an also ran party, I meant it. We want you to deliver a crushing decisive blow to the establishment and its controllers. With the majority, we too can play the ‘under urgency’ game. There will soon be many jobless bureaucratic leeches, no longer having the ability to inflict the ongoing damage, they are responsible for.
A full decentralisation of power will take place. The more they have centralized power under the guise of
efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the more your rights have been extinguished and your wallets emptied.
Farmers will be released from restrictive regulations and instead will be able to farm and produce the way they always have following best practices.  They already know how to do. They, like every other home and landowner, will be able to defend their property, family, and business without being held liable just because someone else decided they would be stupid enough to think they could take or damage what is not theirs, or attempt to harm anyone on the property.
Without the freedom to own land to live on and be sustained by, we are controllable, and THAT is the very reason private property rights are now under attack, and increasingly so.
Private property rights in many ways are interconnected with other rights people should enjoy. Law and order being one -the right to self-defence, the right to be protected against unlawful trespass, the right not to have land arbitrarily seized, etc.
I am yet to see any criminal element that adheres to any laws, hence they are known as criminals, so why would good decent people be subjected to restrictive laws while criminals get free reign? It’s both
counter-productive and counterintuitive. It is going to change.
People should be able to decide what goods or services they wish to contract with. None should be forced to pay for services that in many cases, they do not receive. The rating system too, will become a thing of the past.
Councils will be prevented from using your land as collateral for they debt they incur from borrowing for often wasteful spending and disastrous outcomes.  If you purchase a property, that property should be free of all encumbrances, and you should have the deeds to that property, not just a title that provides a status as occupier. The records of the correct landowners shall be kept, not for extortion purposes to extract yet more capital from you, but solely for the purposes of ensuring no other shall be able to claim the land you are living on.
All current lands that have been subject to and effected by SNA’s [Significant Natural Areas], shall be returned, no debate, no arguments. No one should be subject to the forfeiture of any land based on agendas that are not based on reality.
The way to a truly kind society, is not the top-down stripping people of the things they need to meet their basic needs. That’s the way of the cabal and leads to a self-loathing society, as people know they have betrayed themselves and their family.
The real way to a kind society is the libertarian way, from the bottom up, organically. Allow people, for the most part to keep their resources and tend to their own needs. As we are all social beings who genuinely care about others, once we feel secure, we will naturally give to others and care for those who are unable to see to their own basic needs.
Kindness is not a prerogative of the liberal progressive fascists. It is a deeply held value of people who tend conservatively, but the WAY to a kind society is crucial. One way (their way) leads to totalitarianism.
The other (our way) leads to a genuinely healthy and happy society.
People across the world are waking up to the tyranny and corruption that has infected our nations and they are rejecting it. This coming election is the most important of our lives. In fact, you will be voting for your
very lives.  By voting NZ Loyal, you are voting yourself back in power.
The corruption and tyranny end when YOU decide it does. Now would be that time.