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New Zealand Loyal

NZLoyal Corflute (5 Left! - Option 1)

NZLoyal Corflute (5 Left! - Option 1)

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Available size: 900mm x 600mm. 5mm with digital print applied (no laminate)

Signage Regulatory Information: The NZ Loyal large billboards are compliant with NZTA rules for speed zones over 70 km/h; however, you must have written approval from NZTA to place them on the roadside.
To avoid this burden, we recommend placement on private land next to the road.

For roads under 70 km/h, the smaller signs, i.e., the 600x900mm corflutes, can be used on fences and private property.

It is highly recommended to check local council regulations for allowed sign placement on public property if you want to install one there.

Here's a link to the basic electoral guidebook, with relevant links including information on how to contact local councils regarding, for example, signage rules:

Council boundary maps of the North and South Island and a comprehensive list of all of New Zealand's regional, district and city council websites, can be found at this link: 

An important tip: Put a unique identifier on every sign installed, i.e., your initials and a number, town, or road, with a permanent marker. Take pictures of it and email location details to the party secretary:

All signage must be removed by midnight on October 13, 2023. No political party is permitted to have promotional material publicly visible as of October 14, 2023, Election Day. The numbering system of each sign, along with your photographic evidence, allows us to track and disassemble the signs that need to be removed by this date.

Please note: If you have misplaced a sign and suspect foul play is involved, i.e., stealing, it is important that you file a police report immediately. The police will take evidence from the person who erected and placed the sign in position; hence, the numbering system is important.

Signage can be picked up from our depots, which are located around the country, thanks to our Loyal volunteers.

The depots are located in the following locations:
- Waipu
- Auckland (Waitakere, Kumeu, Botany, Helensville)
- Hamilton
- Tokoroa
- TeAwamutu
- Tairua
- Taupo
- Papamoa
- Hawkes Bay
- New Plymouth
- Wanganui
- Levin
- Picton
- Christchurch
- Dunedin
- Gore

If you are unable to pick up a large 2.4x1.2 billboard, then we may be able to arrange for a depot volunteer to deliver the sign to you. The 6x9 corflute is able to be transported by car.  

Upon ordering, we will send you your nearest depot's information and instructions on how to contact them. Please note that the depots are stocked on a week-by-week basis, and the next stock intake will depend on printer availability and current stock levels per depot, amongst other things.

If we do not get in touch with the relevant information, please send an email with your order number to

Please note that these products are only available in New Zealand.

*All Designs are subject to change in line with new policy releases. 

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